Backpackers hostel nearby Matsumoto Castle

Backpackers Hostel in Matsumoto,Nagano、カウチポテトホステル
Nestled in the quiet alleys between
the majestic Matsumoto Castle
and bustling shopping streets,
surrounded by local eateries and hot spots.

Where hikers and city sightseers
alike can wind down and relax
between exploring the tradition
and natural beauty of Matsumoto.

Take a break and lounge to your heart's
content here at the Couch Potato Hostel.
Update! 2024.May.24
You can see our
“Couch Potato Hostel Neighborhood MAP” here!
Our “Area map around Matsumoto” is now available here!
Common Space

The spacious common space comes with kotatsu (Japanese heated table covered by a blanket), hammock and sofa. Looking up at the ceiling, you can see traditional wooden framework (梁 hari) particular to Japanese architecture.
You can relax by yourself, hang out with your friends or other travelers you meet here!


The building is originally a high-class Japanese restaurant and you can still feel the atmosphere of those times when you sit at the counter table.
The kitchen is available to all guests during your stay.
Basic kitchen tools and seasonings are prepared.


Couch Potato Hostel is a 3-4 minute walk from popular spots such as Matsumoto castle and Nawate street. It also has a traditional sento public bath, soba restaurants and izakaya bars within walking distance. Explore trendy shops and cafes amid centuries old Japanese architecture.
Nearby Kamikochi and the surrounding Northern Japan Alps are also popular destinations for hikers from all over the world.


A 12 minute walk from Matsumoto station / bus terminal. You also can take a local bus from the bus terminal.

Please check the "Access" page for more details.