News #002

About Go to travel promotion
Go to トラベル対応しました!
7th.Feb.2021 update
Go to travel campaign is currently suspended nationwide. Please check "the official page of Go to travel campaign"for the latest information.

All prices on our homepage reflect the costs after applying Go To campaign discounts.

Discount details are as follows:

 ① 35% discount on the total cost
  • It is applicable to all residents in Japan, including foreigner residents.
  •  ② An additional 15% of the total cost will be returned as coupons that can be redeemed at local businesses.    
  • The regional coupon will be equivalent to 15% of your entire booking amount with totals in yen rounded to the nearest 1,000 yen.
  • Coupons can be used at target facilities including local restaurants, souvenir shops and local activities in Matsumoto.
  • For the list of the target facilities, please check the official website of Go To travel campaign.

  • Campaign period: January 31, 2021 (with February 1 check-out)
  • Dates may be subject to change based on the infection status.

  • 【How to apply】
    Please check the box next to “Go To travel campaign -35%” on the billing information page. Go to トラベルキャンペーン適用方法